Here on Earth

Well, here i am. In the 21st Century of the Western world. Cluttering up the ether, or wherever the heck Cyberspace is, with my thoughts. So what and where is cyberspace? I have to admit i am trepidatious, because i don’t understand the mechanics of the internet. And my bull-stubborn land-person mind insists that this has to take up space somewhere. There is no free lunch in Einstein’s equations, nor in the teachings by which i’ve been raised to this point. So my blog, and all the stuff out there in cyberspace, has to be taking up space somewhere.

Kind of makes you pause, doesn’t it? If all that stuff – think of the amount of information out there – is taking up space, and yet we (well i, and anyone i’ve heard from) cannot locate it, then what is the nature of space? What is the nature of volume? Of time? Of any dimension?

I look out my window and see the big spruce who guards our northeast corner, see his(her? i don’t know from spruce genders) graceful arms, see the new growth at the tips, a shatteringly bright green. I perceive a shimmer as the branches sway in a slight breeze. Are they cutting through cyberspace?

Or are my words clogging the magnetic flight paths of homing birds? Do the bees have to alter their dance to step around this traffic on the information highway? Have i just put in an overpass through some dimension’s, some entity’s, some reality’s backyard?  Just wondering.

Which is what i do, mainly. I wonder. I’ve got this blog here, because i finally admitted my love for paper and went and got a publisher for a book of my own (probably i’ll churn out some kind of narcissistic, pompous musings on my arrogance and angsty struggles with the concept of written literature versus orality, but for today, at any rate, you’re safe from that).

Anyhow, Frontenac House, my marvelous publisher, sets writers up with a blog. You didn’t think i had the gumption to forge onto the internet on my own, did you? I have been calling myself a writer for many years, and only now buckled down to getting a book.

Because i spend a lot of time wondering. Wondering what is the right thing to do. Wondering how best to use my writerness. Wondering how vain i am, cluttering up cyberspace with more personal thoughts from one more self-centred human.

But this is all set up, so laziness is no out, and i so i have given in to the temptation to share these wonderings with you. So here i am in cyberspace, writing to you.

Where are you? Wherever you are, you can look around and see that you are on Earth. And i am on Earth.

So, where is cyberspace? I hope sincerely that i am not chewing holes in the spirit world with this writing, hope the bees and homing birds, the weather systems and the whale radio don’t mind. Because here i am, and i’ll be writing to you. Here on Earth.

All My Relations.

best, ams